Wednesday, November 2, 2011


As we walk through this life we sometimes come across the thoughts and examples of others that challenge and inspire us. They impart to us something we've never seen or heard before. For me that teaching came through the ministry of a man named T. Austin Sparks. Call it what you want, when we run in to these folks we cannot help but to stop, listen and learn. We must take time for consideration, contemplation, meditation and action. Our life and practice cannot remain the same when our whole paridigm has changed. It's like we have been given the ability to see and hear for the first time and all we want to do is explore everything our new senses can take in. Even if we have to leave behind everything that makes us comfortable and head in the direction of a great unknown we are compelled to go and follow that rainbow until we reach the end where the treasure is located or maybe even to go over the rainbow to a land filled with mystery and intrigue. That's what it's like to have your mind changed by a heavenly vision or revelation.

While you may never leave your location the fact remains, you're not in Kansas anymore.

I've been swept up in a whirlwind of mind altering and life changing views. While this shift in perspective has its foundation in a recent revelation of the person of Christ it has implications that effect my views on church practice and my everyday walk through life. This ovewhelming notion is THE purpose for which God created the world: to expand and magnify His glory through a community of creatures who share His Divine Life. This purpose, of course, is brought about by Christ, through Christ and in Christ as it was planned out before the foundation of the world. From the tree of Life in the garden of Eden to the tree on Calvary that crucifies the flesh to the tree of Life in heaven that gives life to the bride revealed as a city who is the eternal habitation of God, all things move toward this eternal purpose of God. Today we are a part of this purpose and through death to our selfishness and carnal knowledge we thrive on the indwelling Life of Christ and pour ourselves out for others. Together we become a suitable dwelling place for God and a body for Him to express Himself to His creation which has lost sight of its purpose for existence. Maybe this is old hat for you but for me this is paradigm shifting stuff.

Since seeing these truths my whole focus has shifted. No longer am I interested in regularly scheduled religious rituals and practices in the name of Christ. Church as we know it today no longer satisfies my longings for Him. I need much more in regards to relationship with Christ through His body. The only route I see to get there is to gather with other believers where we can share His life with one another. No, wait, "can" isn't good enough either. There must be a gathering where every believer is not only allowed but encouraged and expected to participate and edify the others. What I desire is an assembling of the church where every member of Christ's body is free to function in order to build one another up into Christ where the love of Christ is shared as we consider others more highly and how to stir them up. This is the mind of Christ and this is what we have been given as His body. As we rest and abide in Him, He lives His life through us and builds His church. This simply does not happen in a traditional worship service gathering.

It's a lonely road we've taken. In search and hopes of more intimate relationships with other believers we've ceased from attending the institutional gatherings that normally result in shallow community. Because we refuse to settle for the religious masquerade it often seems like we're all alone on a road to nowhere. Sure, there are other believers out there with the same vision and desire as us but they are too distant geographically to share body life with us in any meaningful way daily. Even so, God has granted us this vision and desire. He has shared with us His desire to be a part of His eternal purpose and we will wait as He works in other members and eventually gives birth to a body that is wholly devoted to living under the headship of Christ. We will corporately display His majesty to the world as a body of flesh and blood made of many members. One day the vision will be a reality. One day our faith will be made sight. One day I won't think I'm going crazy. One day the mouths of the mockers will be shut.

One day...

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