Sunday, November 23, 2014

Simple Church: Unity in Diversity book

I am excited to tell you about the opportunity to pick up a very unique book that is soon to hit the bookstores.  A book that I had the pleasure and privilege of contributing a chapter to.  The book is entitled Simple Church: Unity in Diversity. It is a collective collaboration of twenty-four writers who have all changed their views of what the church is and have sought a more simple/organic expression of assembling as saints AKA Simple Church and Organic Church.  Each writer writes on a different topic that describes the things that we are all for. The list originated with a blog post which Eric Carpenter, the editor of the book and personal friend of mine, wrote a while back.

There has been a radical shift toward focusing more on community than upon preserving the dying institutions and organizations of the past. The people that are shifting in this way are more than your average church-goer. They are precious saints who deeply desire a profound and intimate relationship with Jesus and with the brothers and sisters that make up the Church. They are just like you.  They want more out of their spiritual life. Some of these devoted followers of Christ have come together to shed light on what "Simple Church" is in this extraordinary book. The writers consist of several pastors (and former pastors), authors, an architect, a biologist, a factory worker, a plumber, a farmer who works in the financial sector, a home school mom, several parachurch ministry founders and leaders, many seminary graduates, an IT manager, a few musicians, a podcaster, currently active overseas missionaries, and a university professor . Each one offers an expertise unique to his/her experiences and they are all gathered together in a single volume with a common goal.

The pre-orders for the book are already exceeding expectations and that means that it will be inspiring conversation on some very important topics as soon as it's released. Don't miss the opportunity to see what all the buzz is about. Pre-order your copy of Simple Church: Unity in Diversity now. It is available in paperback and Kindle editions from Amazon and directly from the publisher as well.

Admit it, you're very interested.  Now click the pre-purchase link of your choice below.  It will open in a new page and you can continue reading before going to finalize your purchase.

From Amazon on paperback   currently $9.72 for pre-order

For the Kindle  only $8.99

I was simultaneously shocked and honored when Eric asked if I would contribute a chapter for the book. I decided to write on the very first topic: A Church that honors the Triune God in all aspects of life. A tough topic, I know, but one that deserves more than just armchair theological musing. So, I settled down and wrote a narrative of sorts, one that describes my own testimony of honoring our Triune God through one of the most turbulent and conflicting times of my spiritual life. It is my hope that readers will easily identify with the struggle I describe and overflow with desire to honor God through their own struggles. 

Among a group of such gifted writers and scholars mine is but a small fragment of a very enjoyable collection of writing.  Although it becomes apparent as you read that the perspectives of the various contributors are all different.  There are different denominational backgrounds, theological frameworks, and styles of writing.  Some are exegetical, others are academic, testimonial, and narrative.  By the end of the book you realize that our diversity emerges as one unified voice.  Our disagreements have not resulted in disunity.  Each person has contributed something toward the common goal of promoting unity in the Church and we have done so through a very positive perspective.

If you are interested in Simple Church or Organic Church then this is a book for you.  If you are interested in how simple practices often lead to great opportunities for edification and service both inside and outside the church then this is a book you want to have.  If you are reading my blog then chances are both of the above statements describe you and you definitely want to read this book.  It is written by writers with various fields of ministry expertise who want to edify, encourage, equip and support you.  There is nothing else quite like it.  Show how much you really believe in the power of  the Spirit working through the various members of the body.  Join the growing number of people who are talking about simple church life.

Pre-order and be one of the first to join the conversation.

From Amazon on paperback   currently $9.72 for pre-order

For the Kindle  only $8.99