Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Hungry for life, fed poison

People often go from church to church looking for community and friendship.  That’s because what we really want is shared life in Christ.

Instead what is offered amounts to nothing more than presumptive authority cloaked in deceit by those drowning in religious delusion.  It’s evident.  Listen to the talk, look at the direction in which it leads.  Think.  The labels sound great: “commitment, authenticity, accountability.”  There’s a conflict within.  You want no part because something isn’t right.  In response, the guilt is poured on in buckets.

What’s more? It’s all performed in the name of being gospel centered and faithful.  Increase the guilt and compensate with “the gospel.”

The irony is so thick you can taste it.  It makes the spiritual person unsettled.  Something’s amiss.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about then I hope you never experience it.  

If you’ve experienced it I probably just put words to something you’ve felt deep within but couldn’t express.  To that person...RUN.  

You’re being called out.

^^^Now there’s a double meaning.  It’s almost poetic.  I’m no poet.  I just speak from the heart and open a vein to pour out my experience.