Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It has been quiet in Neverland

This is my first post in almost two weeks.  I haven't gone this long without writing a blog post since I started blogging again. I have been busy doing this and that but that is not the only reason why I haven't been writing.  My main reason for being absent is because I have been trying to let the dust settle in my mind over a meeting I had a little over a week ago.  The results of that meeting have been on my mind quite a lot over the last two weeks.  I have had to refrain from writing anything publicly because quite frankly I wanted to blast out and throw a pity party.  Instead I decided I should meditate on our conversation and focus on what Christ is bringing about in me as a result.  So, I'm ready to jump back in and I have a few thoughts bouncing around as a result of my recent internal gymnastics.  They are as follows:

  1. I'm thinking about changing my blog name.  I'm nearly certain I will do it, what I'm unsure of is what to change it to.  Reason being:  I don't want to seem perpetually antagonistic and negative and I confess that my present blog name was chosen while in that mindset.  I'm thinking of titles that will declare what I want to write about.  I want my writing to be more about building up than tearing down. Deconstructing Neverland, while it is clever and cool, it doesn't represent what I want my blog to be about in fact I think it gives the opposite impression.  I'll probably have a poll soon and ask for your input to help me make a decision.  Your suggestions are welcome in the meantime.  Maybe your suggestion will make it into the poll!
  2. I'll probably write on the importance of living in community with other believers in order to mature in Christ.  This one may take some time to draft and get together.
  3. I'm sorting through some thoughts on the present Kingdom as it compares to the coming Kingdom and I'd love your input.
  4. I still want to share an update on the "does God love Satan" question posed by my son, including my answer.
  5. I'll continue sharing our struggles and disappointments in impacting our neighborhood with the gospel.
  6. I'll be praising God in thankfulness for how great it is to have a gathering of believers locally that meet in a simple/house church/organic fashion (not sure how it can be categorized) who welcome our family into their homes when we get discouraged with the process of growth in our own community.
I probably won't write on these in that order.  I mainly wanted to jot them down before they get covered up by tomorrow's mental impulses and forgotten like the name of my second grade teacher.  I also wanted to stop in and let my readers know that I haven't dropped out of the blogosphere.  Thanks for reading and commenting.


  1. looking forward to read you !

    these are very interesting topics.

  2. That community living is a hard one, it is so at odds with life as Americans. It is hard enough to get believers together for a few hours on Sunday.


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