Thursday, October 21, 2010

What's Behind Blue Eyes?

My lovely wife has just launched her new blog.  She has a very unique perspective on all of life.  I'm sure we could all benefit and be challenged by her ponderings and persuasions.  Click over to her blog and take a look at whats Behind Blue Eyes.  Add her to your reading list, tell your wife, tell your daughters, tell your friends, tell your own blog readers.

One of her first posts is about motherhood and she gives us a glimpse into her mind as she ponders this monumental responsibility.

Luke 6:40 A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher.

Ok so I'm sure no one else has ever had this convo in their head as a parent after reading something or talking to someone. "Oh crap, I am totally going to screw my kids up! Why the heck did God give me these little people that I can ruin???" "Relax, you aren't going to ruin them." "Relax? RELAX?!? How can I relax? Did you read that passage? it says that the kids when they are fully trained will be like me!!! ME?!? I'm a basket case, why the heck do I want them to be like me, I want them to be better than me" "But Self, that is what the verse says, they will be like me." Really? do we really want them to be like me? I mean look at me I'm holding a whole conversation in my head."  "Good point....ok so the only other option is to freak out." "my sentiments exactly.'' FREAK OUT!!!!!!

Yep sounds like my wifey!  The rest of her post is more rational I assure you.  Her honesty and the genuine nature of her musings from the mind of a woman who loves the Lord is refreshing.  Don't miss this, I surely won't.

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