Sunday, November 28, 2010

body language

Everyone knows about body language.  You can sometimes tell how someone feels just by the way their body reacts.  The movements of the body send a message.  Sometimes this message comes without words.  Sometimes it the body sends a message that is contrary to the words expressed.  In fact, unless the body is disabled in some way, it usually tells the truth even when the tongue speaks lies.  As the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words.

We are the body of Christ.  What are we saying about who Christ is?  Do our actions demonstrate the words He spoke?  Or do we make Him out to be a liar by our body language.  Be sure, Christ is the truth though every man may be a liar.  

What does our "body language" say about what Christ is building?  Christ is not building a structure of bricks and mortar.  He is building a temple of living stones.  Christ is not displayed in organised institutions, he is displayed through humble love and service.  We may claim that our efforts of participation in the local church structures are building up the body of Christ but in fact they only build up the institution.  The Church is the people and our efforts must be toward one another or we are not building up the true Church.  Rather we are building up some THING and calling IT church.  If we love this thing more than the organic expression of Christ then we make the bride of Christ into a harlot and Christ into a liar.  He is building His church.  The Church WILL express him through its body language.

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