Sunday, November 28, 2010

church refugee

If you didn't already know, my family and I have been house churching for a few months now.  It has been a bumpy and difficult road so far.  Leaving the structure of organised institutional religious gatherings brought us into a realm of uncertainty, discomfort, and complexity.  It is like becoming a nomad and roaming through the wilderness.  I press on with the hope of reaching my destination...the paradise of my dreams.  What that paradise looks like is uncertain.  My dreams are hazy.  All I know for sure is that it is not full of rituals, it is full of life and God's work in our lives will define the order of our gathering rather than the bulletin.  Christ will clearly be the head of his body and He would be free to use the members of it when and how he pleases.  I only know one way to get there:  forsake all to follow Christ and trust that He will bring me to my destination.  I don't expect perfection this side of heaven.  I expect continual growth in Christ and unity in Him.

Toward that end we have been spending alot of time with some families in our neighborhood lately.  Getting to know them and opening up our lives to them.  Today we have planned to have a "church gathering".  I'm not even sure what that means anymore.  As we have gathered over the last few weeks, we have been the church.  We have shown love toward one another, prayed for one another, shared truths with one another, served one another, and challenged one another toward better living.  What I am most excited about is that there will be an opportunity to bring all things together in Christ and have all of the events of these past weeks brought into the light of God's kingdom and purpose in our lives.  I'm sure we will pray, read and discuss scripture and of course eat together and our conversation will be more about spiritual matters than our previous ones.  Yet my hope is that today's gathering will spill over into what we do the rest of the week and that Christ would become more of a central focus in all our lives each and everyday.  If that happens, what makes Sunday so special?

I am excited yet uncertain.  We are getting closer and that is uncomfortable.  It seems so simple yet so complex because it is so different from all that the ways I have previously defined what the Church is.

I am hopeful but needful of much prayer. If I am in the wilderness I do not want an 11 day journey to last 40 years.

It's late and I'm rambling...gotta get some rest.  Gonna need it to continue my journey.


  1. It is so much easier to do what is expected and what is comfortable but who ever said being a disciple of Christ is supposed to be easy and comfortable?

  2. Guard your doctrine, but more importantly, love one another and be in unity, and most importantly, let Jesus run His Church.

  3. Arthur-thanks for the encouragement. It may not be easy and comfortable but it is according to God's plan for our good and our joy in Christ.

  4. Jeff-You're right! Thanks for commenting. Without structures and confessions, guarding our doctrine becomes a regular battle and necessary part of our service and love toward one another. By that we can be and become more of Christ without the trappings and schemes that we so often fall into and invent. Unity is key and it must be real and authentic, not artificially constructed upon an agreed upon document. We are united by Christ, in Christ and for Christ because it is Christ that matters.

  5. Encouraged by your post, as I am on the same journey. Thanks for your honest sharing.

    And yes... Praying for you!

  6. Norma-I'm glad I could be an encouragement for you. Thanks for your prayers, you have ours as well.

  7. Isn't it great to walk by faith rather than by sight?
    To fix your eyes not on what is seen but what is unseen?
    13 years ago I stepped out of the systematized entertainment of God's people with my wife and two small boys. God was faithful!!! He lead every step of faith. The first saint he brought me to at the park across the street from my house was a young black man in a wheel chair with cerebral palsy. This man helped me learn what it really means to "wash one another's feet". Every step has been beyond imagination.

    Focus on faithfulness to God's Word, not any other substitute. 50% of watching your doctrine is watching your example. Your example is at least 50% of your doctrine\teaching. It's not what you say your doctrine is, it's what do that is your doctrine.

    God will connect you to the lost and saints in His way. That is what I have seen so far and expect the same to continue.

  8. yes Tim, it is great! God is good and He is faithful! Your testimony is both refreshing and encouraging...thanks for commenting.


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