Saturday, January 22, 2011

worldwide phenomenon

Modern technology is amazing!  In this day and time we have the ability to write things that software on our computers will translate for others who do not speak our language to read.  We also have the ability to read the writings of others who speak a different language than we do.  The following is a clip from a blog from a french speaking brother in Canada.  It seems that the problems with the institutional church is a phenomena that is not  exclusively in the United States.  Check this (the translation is a bit hazy but I think you'll get the picture):
People are much more open to spiritual realities that we are often led to believe.But the church is an obstacle. They are often open to God and Jesus, but reject categorically the traditional church. Often not by malice, but simply because they find it odd, and because the weight of history is against her.
We must stop trying to attract people to us. They will not, or very little. Because they have no reason to come. They are not interested in what they are given answers all our beautiful pre-chewed. And it is the pride of thinking that they should normally (not?), Be interested in our programs and our "help."

 Unless the church returns to her first love of being the body of Christ, we will not be bringing people to be disciples of Christ. We will only be bringing them to be disciples of the system.  Folks do not want or need another system.  What they need is to be a part of the family of God.


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  2. Thank you Tommy! I'm glad I found your blog. I'm also thankful for Google Translate!


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