Saturday, January 22, 2011

you feeling it?

Have you ever heard the expression "you could really feel the spirit move during the worship service this Sunday"?  I have.  Everywhere.  Not just in charasmatic or pentecostal churches but in Southern Baptist and even (gasp) reformed churches!  EVERYWHERE I'VE BEEN...  This cartoon made me chuckle and sigh all at the same time.  My lungs are confused.

Yeppers....thats about right.  It's all about knowing your audience and giving them what they want.  As long as you know what they want and then deliver it, the crowds keep coming.  Everyones happy because everyone is entertained.  This is NOT what the church looks like in the New Testament.  This is what is looked forward to by those who plan to "go to church" every week.

But is anyone growing?  Is anyone being equipped to minister?  Is God's temple being built?  Is Christ's body displayed including all its members?  Is Christ the Head (and by head I mean director)?  Is everyone able to participate and minister to one another freely yet with order as we see in 1 Cor 14?

The traditional church of today looks nothing like the church of the NT.  Do we really think that is a good thing?


  1. You rightly said
    "But is anyone growing? Is anyone being equipped to minister?"

    That the same people, attend the same church meetings, year in, year out, is testimony to the fact that that pastor is a total failure.

    The pastors work is supposed to equip the SAINTS FOR THE WORK OF THE MINISTRY.

    That he is the one still doing the ministry, is therefore proof that he has a failed and should seek another job which maybe might make use of him.

  2. Frank,

    I don't agree with or appreciate your attack on pastors. Your words do not build up or display grace what-so-ever. Comments like yours make me want to moderate every comment that hits my blog and I shouldn't have to do that when saints in Christ are the ones usually commenting.

    It's not fair or accurate to lump all pastors into one and say that they are total failures because they continue to preach. Many people firmly believe that the sermon should be the centerpiece of a gathering of believers. This does not make them unfaithful failures that are not equipped to minister. It just means that they still cling to the traditions that have been passed down.

    It is not the pastors themselves that equip. A pastor (as the position is commonly considered) can only be faithful in the preaching of God's Word and God makes the changes through His word. If he faithfully proclaims the Word of God in ways that are understandable and edifying then he is a complete success.

    Many times the lack of growth in a church is not the fault of the pastor. The body doesn't want to grow. She doesn't see why she should grow. She doesn't discern a need to grow.


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