Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Searching for Neverland

Maybe the lost boys got it right.  When I think about it, Neverland sounds more like the place to be rather than the place to flee.  Sure, in the eyes of the "grown ups" the lost boys are immature and naive because all they want to do is enjoy life and be free from what everyone else thinks they should be.  Maybe instead of deconstructing Neverland I should be showing others the way there.

Imagine a land where you were free to live by the rules that were understood by all.  A code of conduct that remained unwritten yet everyone obeyed.  A place to be free from the systems and rules of others who think they have it all figured out.  Where your sense of wonder can flourish and your imagination run wild.  A world that is your playground, full of discovery and yours for the taking.  A land to conquer and enjoy full of friends who conquer with you but don't want to conquer you.  Everything is freely given and shared because ownership has no meaning but community means everything.

I find it telling that the enemies of the lost boys are the "grown ups" who all happen to be pirates.  The pirates come to steal, threaten, and conquer the people of Neverland.  They want to own and dominate.  They want everyone to serve their needs and their cause.  They come with their own rules and codes, all meant to control people and keep them in check.  Their brotherhood is based on a common goal under a common captain.  Pleasure at the expense of others is what guides their ship.

If that's what it means to grow up, I'll remain a boy.  I see more wisdom in the enjoyment of creation and trust in our creator than there is in regulating everything to be like the creator.  There is obviously a builder of this magnifiscent place and He is a much better maker, shaper, and controller than you or I could ever be.  We can be free to enjoy what He has made and provides.  Like little children who give no thought for our needs but fully trust in Him.

There is a Neverland that remains untouched by the wisdom and control of men.  That is where I want to be.  A city not made by hands who's builder and maker is God.  Where building community matters and the desire for control doesn't exist.  I'll search until I find it.  Although I haven't seen it, I know it exists and my hope remains strong.

There is another Neverland built by men that is very useful to make men into what the captain thinks they should be.  It is a system of control and domination built on the desire for power, wealth, and selfish pleasure.  It's an imposter's island.  Most don't discern the danger of it until it's too late.  Others flee and seek to deconstruct it's influence in their heart and mind.

All we need is a happy thought and enough pixie dust to fill a mustard seed and we'll be well on our way.  Third star to the right and straight on till the morning:  Neverland.


  1. I hunger for the place you describe--I'm on my way! What an encouraging post! - John

  2. John,

    you know The Way, just keep pressing on. We will be there soon.


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