Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chloe's Voice

My wife and I have created a new blog called Chloe's Voice as an outlet for the two of us to share and record this new chapter in our lives.

This is the first post in an effort to record the ups and downs of our experience with our very special little girl, Chloe. Jessica and I (Bobby) will both be posting to this blog as we have things to share regarding our battle with Rett Syndrome and how it affects our lives. Occasionally we will share specific ways you can pray for us and offer other help in an effort to give our daughter the very best provisions for a healthy, happy life.
From now on, all things regarding our struggles and progress in dealing with Chloe's disability will be posted on the new blog.  It should help us network with other families who are facing similar struggles via the blogosphere.  Jump on over there and check it out, subscribe at the bottom if you want to keep up.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.  The power of God through your prayers and love toward us have kept our chins up and given us strength.

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  1. The day I learned of the diagnosis, I put Chloe's name on a post-it on my workstation. Please know that throughout the day, her name is heard in heaven.


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