Thursday, September 1, 2011

More than a mannequin

It's life on display.  Everyone watches, everyone knows.  Some want to help, others just wanna watch the train crash.  They look on you through the window and check out the merchandise.  Do they want want you have?  All you want to do is hide.  Hide from the help, hide from the eyes, hide from the pain, hide from the reality of time ticking by.  

Some say faith is a crutch.  If the weight is heavy enough then the crutch will fail.  They sit back and watch, waiting for the load to bear down enough for the crutch to snap.  Then they can be ever more confident that there is no God and therefore they have no concerns of coming under His judgement.

Others need strengthening.  They have struggles of their own and they are hoping that your faith will inspire them to keep on keeping on.  They are rooting for you as if they expect to be crushed themselves the moment you fall under all the pressure.  So they encourage and pray for you.  But their prayers are not just for you but for themselves as well because deep down they know that they need as much strength as you do.

But what if it's too much?  What if the crutch everyone sees doesn't really exist?  What if you're already crushed, fallen, broken down and helpless?  Why do they see someone composed and struggling when actually you're worn out and feel useless?

It's okay to be honest.  It's okay to take off the mask.  It's okay to be insufficient and not have it all together.  It's okay to be left with only your faith, not as a crutch but as the only thing you can see because you're flat on your back.  It's okay to be a real person with real hurts and real tears and real pain.  It's okay to be seen as a failure.  It's okay to be brought to the end of yourself with nothing left to give.

It's okay

Because you're more than a manequin made of plastic.  More than a figure on display.

You're a child of the most High God and if He is all you have then you have everything. 

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