Thursday, March 22, 2012

Paternal Provision for Palooza

The love of God is truly amazing.  As of late He has been showering me and my family with blessings enough to make our head spin.  If you follow me on twitter or are connected with me on Facebook you have probably noticed the build up for an upcoming event we are planning to help meet our daughter’s needs.  We decided to call it Chloe-Palooza.  The purpose of Chloe-Palooza is to fill in the financial gaps we are faced with as a result of Chloe’s disability.  Even with the generous offers that have been placed in our lap there is still a long road ahead before we can make any tangible progress.  Not to mention the month to month struggle we have making ends meet due to the salary cap I have been put in bondage to.  The whole thing is quite disheartening and overwhelming but God is using this time to reveal Himself in extraordinary ways.

Not only have family and friends stepped up to the plate and provided for immediate needs at just the right time with money for a house payment here, a utility payment there or, “oh, your checking account has been in the negative for nearly a month?  Well that is funny because we felt like God wanted us to give you this $500 check.”  We do not have very affluent friends and family so we know that whatever we receive is probably a great sacrifice for them.  The whole ordeal is quite remarkable like a modern day miracle.  One day my wife and I are sitting together discussing how we might have to walk out on our mortgage and let the bank take the house while we pack our family into one of those rent by the week long stay motels just to be able to eat and the next thing we know those needs are met and we can breathe again.  It has been a thrill ride of emotions to say the least.

In the last week Chloe-Palooza has taken shape in ways that have far exceeded our expectations.  We’ve prayed and trusted God to take care of Chloe’s needs but we didn’t want to just sit on our hands.  So we (and when I say we I mean especially my wife) have acted on that faithful prayer.  God began by having several local musical artists agree to perform (or minister as some like to call it) at the event.  There is even a nationally recognized country artist coming in from Nashville to sing.  Our city has offered us to use the recreation center to host the event free of charge.  Someone has designed a logo for the event, another has offered to design and print fliers to distribute and yet another will pay to have t-shirts made.  Someone else is having one of those cool little squares you can scan with your smart phone created that will take you straight to the event flier when you scan it.  As far as the goal of the fundraiser is concerned (a home that isn’t falling apart, making our family sick and is adequate to meet Chloe’s needs for equipment and mobility), a general contractor has offered his services free of charge and has already begun lining up sub-contractors to donate their time as well, a local lumber company has offered to donate the building materials, and of course Jessica’s aunt had already offered us a lot right around the corner from our present home to build on.  There have been groups that have promised to pay for advertising costs on local radio stations, the local news stations want to do promo spots to get the word out and familiarize the community with our family and another person has offered to establish a non-profit for Chloe’s Voice.

I’m sure I’m missing something.  It’s all happening so fast.

Like I said, God has been blessing us in miraculous ways and it’s not because we deserve it but because we need it and we believe He will provide just as He promised.  His love astounds and overwhelms me.  When I remember that this loving, compassionate God lives within me and every other believer I rejoice at the potential for His love and life to alleviate so much suffering as we work together as a body.  I cannot imagine facing all this without Him and I cry for the ones who are trying to face life on their own.  With a heavenly Father like ours willing to take care of His children it is time we all left our lives of wallowing in the mire, squandering our inheritance on fleeting pleasures and came home and let Him throw a banquet in our honor.  Like the prodiagal son we won’t even have time to say “I’m sorry” before He runs to meet us and squeezes us so tight He takes our breath away.

How has our Daddy been blessing you?

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  1. I have to say that it warms my heart to hear of all the blessings that have come your way in your time of need. I love reading yours and Jessica's posts about the family and how things are going day to day. Being so far away it makes me feel like i am just down the street :) Jessica inspires me EVERYDAY! I complain that i am too "busy" to do things when she is always doing,for others! I am sure she would have more free time for things for herself, but she is and always has been so kind to others! Bobby, I have only been around you and the kids a handful of times, but you all have left such an amazing impression on my heart! The boys are rough and wild, but so generous and polite! Chloe is such a precious little girl!
    I pray daily for your family, that you have your needs met, and you can continue to spread God's word through your twitter feeds,facebook status updates, and blogs.


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