Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Changing my blog name: a poll

I stated before that I have been considering a name change for my blog.  So, at the top you will see a poll you can participate in. I have a few ideas and I think I have settled on one.   This is the result of a couple things.  First, I intend to focus my writing more on building up than tearing down.  I also want my blog to reflect the way God has revealed his Son in me and in my understanding of all things.  Included in this is my thoughts on salvation, the church, and our mission as disciples of Christ.  That is why I am leaning toward Once Was Blind.  It reminds me that what I see now I haven't always seen.  It reminds me that I could not see unless it had been revealed to me.  In all this, it is humbling for me.  I like that.

Still, I would like your input.  Do you think this is a good change or should I leave well enough alone?  Maybe you have another suggestion you would like me to consider...either way, please participate in the poll and leave me a comment.  Thanks.


  1. I think that my vote should count for two votes since I'm your wife. Also I really like the name because not only does it fit for the switch from a brick and morter church to a home church, but it also fits with where we are in life right now. we had this plan, this dream, this plath that we were on; that was our Neverland, and now God is taking all that and deconstructing it before our very eyes. I think it fits alot of areas of life. Plus since I came up with the name and you loved it and people said they liked it, if you change it, my feelings will be hurt. Just saying. Change it if you like but you will be making a little girl cry if you do.

  2. I was going to say yes to change. But after reading your wife's comment, I don't know. I think it's a positive move to be working towards building up.

    I'm not sure about the "Once was blind." It may sound judgmental towards your brothers and sisters who are still living their faith the way you used to. People may equate that with "I once was lost, but now am found". Your vision may be improving, and you may have felt lost and blind, but I don't know if you were lost and blind in God's eyes... maybe just a bit childish in your faith - but now growing up and seeing clearer.

    Sorry, if this isn't much help. I obviously don't know you as well as your wife. So count mine as a 1/4 of a vote towards... sorry no vote at all. Just some feedback.

  3. Keep it as it is, it is funky and makes people think.

  4. Jes,

    thanks for commenting publicly. The last thing I want to do is make you cry. Until your comment at dinner I didn't realize that it was that big a deal to you or that even my new name choice would be seen as just as antogonistic. Now others have confirmed that. You're so smart. DN really is a great blog name. Thanks for coming up with it.

  5. Jon,

    change is good but I guess I could change my writing without changing the name. That way I'd reach my goal without collateral damage.

  6. Arthur,

    it is a pretty snazzy name. I can say that with pride because it wasn't my idea, I just concur with the smartest woman I know. Thanks for your input.

  7. I like the current name. (Plus, I refuse to vote against someone's wife. Otherwise, I would be in trouble with my wife.)



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