Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Possession with intent to distribute

As a businessman walked the streets of his city one night, a common, blue collar looking fellow approached him.  He said he had an offer he couldn't refuse.  A substance that would take away his burdens and make his life much better.  The businessman had heard of it before but was never really interested.  The fellow offered it to him for free.  Finding the offer irresistible, he decided to take it.

His life has never been the same.
He is now addicted and dependent.  His business has utterly failed and he really doesn't care.  In fact, many of the things he used to care about no longer have any meaning to him.  He has lost almost everything and what he hasn't lost he sold to get more of the substance he so desperately longs for.  Many of his friends and family have abandoned him, unable to watch as his life is destroyed by his newfound love.  It has changed his thoughts, his attitude, his work ethic, his social life, and his relationships.  He has suffered much since his first encounter.  The suffering drives him back to it's comforting embrace.

He now spends his days and nights looking for more.  He spends countless hours with others who have the same addiction and many hours telling others about it and how to get it.  Whether he is among those who have experienced it or not, it is all he talks about.  His life has been consumed.  He is not who he used to be.  He is changed, different and he can never go back.  He doesn't want to go back.  He wants more.  It's a hunger and desire that is never fully satisfied.  It's his life's work, his purpose, his passion, his life.

What's this life altering substance that has done all this?

Faith in Christ Jesus.  Feel sorry for him?  You should because if Christ has not been raised he is of all men most to be pitied.   If he is wrong he has completely wasted his life chasing the wind, but if he is right then everyone is missing out on what he calls man's ultimate purpose:  to glorify God by enjoying Him forever.....and just think....all we have to do is taste and see. Just make sure you count the cost first.


  1. Good work Bobby. A modern day parable.

  2. That is great stuff Bobby, sharing it with my peeps.

  3. Bobby,

    Your friend needs help. I'd suggest several different discipleship classes, a few sermon series on tape, maybe some evangelism courses, and, if all else fails, seminary.


  4. Micah and Arthur,

    thanks for the compliments and for sharing.


    no better way to replace old habits than to replace them with new ones.


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