Friday, March 25, 2011

It's all my fault

We are going through some very trying times in our lives right now. The story is this: we have a daughter that is nearly 16 months old. Most toddlers her age are walking, talking, feeding themselves and being chased around by their parents. Our daughter still has to be fed with a bottle to be well nourished. She cannot walk, she is not even able to crawl on her hands and knees. We haven't heard the joyful sound of her calling for mama or dada. She is like a newborn in a toddlers body and I think it is all my fault.

It's not because of some enormous sin that God is punishing me for. I know that my punishment for sin was bore on Christ's cross 2000 years ago. No, it's not God giving us what we deserve.  Rather, I think it is something I asked for in prayer.

I know what you're thinking.  Who would ask for a handicapped child?  Well, I didn't.  What I asked for is for God to give me his best.  I asked that He would bless me in every way to make me and my wife more like Christ.  So I am convinced that the difficulties we face concerning our beloved daughter are God's blessing in answer to prayer.

Hebrews 5:8 says Although he was a son, he learned obedience through what he suffered.

So we are suffering, it's all my fault and I thank God for it.  Your prayers on our behalf are greatly appreciated.  Not for our ability to cope or to understand but rather for us to trust and obey and to count it all joy.


  1. Thanks for your openness and vulnerability, this is so refreshing. I know that God is holding you and your family in the palm of His hand now. I prayed a similar prayer many years ago....I had some pretty big struggles but God brought me through ALL of them and even 2 miraculous physical healings. One thing I learned is that He is so good, you just can't believe it sometimes. Jesus is love and healed everybody who came to Him. :)

  2. Tim,

    your prayers are treasured.


    your words are encouraging. Thank you.


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