Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our battle: genetics vs faith

Some know, some don't about our daughter.  We've been through highs and lows waiting for a definitive answer on what type of disorder she has.  Now we have an answer.  I wish I could say I was happy about it but I'm not.  Actually it is by far the worst news I have ever received.  Chloe has Rett's Syndrome and we have a serious challenge to our faith.  Google it and you'll understand why.

At this point I think I would rather change places with Job.  At least God took everything away from Him quickly.  We get to watch our daughter slowly debilitate and hope against hope that the next seizure doesn't take her last breath.  We get to be the family everyone talks about when they get home from Wal-Mart with the uncontrollable kid who screams, bites and kicks.  We get to do what no one else wants to do, not because we're strong enough or able enough but because we have no choice.

This is one of those situations where we find ourselves helpless yet hopeful.  There is no cure, no medication and no treatment for Rett's.  Even so, we are still hopeful that God would give her grace to overcome and us grace to endure.  I'm certain we will learn more from Chloe than words could express if she had them.  I already see Christ working to reveal His strength through her weakness.

Neverland is being deconstructed for sure.  Bit by bit, piece by painful piece we are being broken down to the place where we only have Christ.  It hurts, we cry and wonder why but He is still nearer than the air we breath.  Holding us, comforting us and crying with us.  He cries with us even though He can see the end from the beginning.  He hurts with us even though He already knows how it will work together for good.

It would take a mighty God to work all of this together for good and we have the ALL Mighty as our advocate and provider.  We expect nothing less than a miriacle that will make the world stop and recognize His glory and power.  We expect these great and marvelous things not because we deserve it but because He is faithful and desires to prove it through us.  So, with Christ, Paul and the countless saints before us and beside us we rejoice in our trials for the upward call and the fame of the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  His mercies never cease.


  1. Hey Bobby,

    I have no words. As a father of 3 girls of my own, I have no words, brother. I pray with you and your family, and for you as well. Bless you for your honesty.

  2. Amen. I completely agree. It is by grace alone we are saved Bro. God Bless


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