Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Update on our journey

Now that I'm back to blogging I wanted to share some of the developments we've had in answer to our prayers for Christ to build His church.  Sort of an update.  No, we are not regularly gathering with the house church as we once were.  The time spent with those families was very good.  We gained some experience with participatory gatherings and some of the difficulties that come when you really get to know other believers intimately.  In time it became clear that we did not share the same vision as others who gathered there and so we parted rather than bringing contention and division to the church.  We began to build some relationships there that I hope will continue to grow but the gathering itself did not fill the yearning I had for an organic expression of Christ.

Around the same time we attended the Threshold conference and left with a renewed sense that God wanted us to stay in Savannah rather than move to a location with an established organic church.  Milt gave some very practical advise to those who, like us, find ourselves in a wilderness of sorts teetering between institutionalism and isolationism.  The most helpful thing he said was to avoid jumping right into having meetings.  He advised the saints to find other people who share a heart for God's eternal purpose and begin to build relationships with them.  We can share meals, spend a day on the town, have bible studies and find numerous other ways to get to know one another and share Christ together.  The goal is to avoid becoming a mini version of an institution by being devoted to one another.
Now all that sounds well and good if you can find people near you who share your passion for Christ's headship in the gathering of the saints.  This is where prayer comes in.  A lot of prayer.  We've been praying for quite some time for God to bring us together with other folks who want to be a part of an organic church.  He is beginning to reveal His answer to those prayers.

In the span of the last few weeks or so we have become more acquainted with a family that is (in his words) "in the foyer" of the institution wondering what they are still doing there.  They've read several books on the topic and have a passion for knowing and sharing Christ's life outside the four walls.  So far we have met for frozen yogurt, dinner at our home, and a Saturday of swimming.  It has been some of the greatest times of fellowship I've had in quite some time.  We'll see one another again on Thursday for some cardio exercise.  I'm anxiously looking forward to it.

On top of that wonderful news, some other things are happening.  So far two people have contacted me who are interested in moving here to be built up together with us.  A family that resides in NY and another that is currently a part of the organic church in Gainsville, FL which have plans to move back into our area.  It has been great to watch God answer our prayers and bring His people together.
I'm greatly encouraged by what God is doing.  Our journey out of Neverland has had it's share of ups and downs.  Our Father has been right there with us and in us, working all things together for our good and His purpose.  I hope my words can encourage all of you who are on a similar journey.

So, what's happening in your neck of the woods?


  1. I appreciate these thoughts Bobby. We are on a somewhat similar path. The first organic group we met with had, like you wrote, a very different vision for the future. What we are doing now is continuing to build relationships with other Christians in the area.

  2. We are also on a similar path as we wait for the Lord to build His church His way in our community. What you shared resonates for me! I appreciated what Tony and Felicity shared in Small is Big! so much because it helped me understand this is His timing, not mine. It's going to happen and without anything I can DO figuring into it. I understand we must begin with sharing Him with the people HE puts in our path first and loving them. Today I met up with a lady who graduated from high school with me. We had never really even talked all those years ago and only recently started getting to know each other via Facebook. She is bowed under the weight of many cares as her husband endures each day with leukemia. The doctors are keeping him alive with infusions of platelets until he's approved for a marrow transplant and a donor is found. I just felt the Lord saying, "Go walk alongside her." So I took her to lunch while her husband was in treatment. We had the most awesome conversation and the blessing flowed both ways. The Lord was "in it"--every moment of our time together. I too am very encouraged by what He is doing, and by your words today!

  3. Arthur and Leah,

    if building relationships is the goal then it is also the means. Anything that takes it's place or hinders that is simply in the way. Thanks for encouraging me as I encourage you. What a mighty God we serve.


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