Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Building up a Spiritual Building

I was reading through my email and I came across a piece with the same subject line as my title above.  It came from one of the pastors I enjoy listening to and given his history of great exposition and exegesis I was excited to read what he had to say along this subject.  I was greatly disappointed.  The entire email conisted of thanks to the many who have been supporting his ministry and then moved into a discussion of their plans to build another structure on their newly aquired property which they plan to begin this year.  He even quoted the verse in which the apostle speaks of the Church being a spiritual building made up of precious stones and then said the "MAIN" way in which this is accomplished is through visiting pastors preaching to the congregation and through the various pastor only conferences that they hold to equip the ministers.

What I hoped for was a testimony of how the assembly of believers was growing and impacting their city.  What I got was more of the same praise for buildings and professionals and a bulwark of the clergy/laity divide.


  1. Redirect your hope to a more hopeful reality.

    If he had written about the real spiritual building would you have rejoiced in what he said or would you have grieved realizing that what he is doing contradicts what he was saying. Both options are possible, both of which are grievous. Paul said we are to rejoice when Christ is preached in vain glory, but I think it's ok to mix a little sorrow in with that joy.

    I remember the last time I heard a sermon on 2 Cor. 8 & 9, the giving chapters, was in a series to raise funds for a double sized gymnasium. That was tough to sit through. It was also tough to hear the oblivious responses from the saints who could not see the contradiction and the giving-to-self.

  2. thanks Tim. I didn't think about how I would have reacted if he had been talking about the true spiritual building. I suppose it would have increased my hope to see such an influential pastor emphasizing discipleship as a means of building and that is why I was dissapointed.


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