Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An endless bloodbath in your honor

I stumbled across a website with a program that calculates the number of animal sacrifices necessary under the Old Testament sacrificial system to atone for sin.  You simply input the day of your birth and it shows you how many animals would have been slaughtered over your lifetime to pay for your sins.  As of today I am up to 53,682.  A lot of sin needs a lot of blood.

The blood still runs.  Today it is no longer the blood of bulls and goats that God requires to atone for sin.  In fact, the sheer magnitude and perpetuity of the slaughtered creatures demonstrates that their blood is inadequate.  Praise be to God that Christ died and shed his own perfect blood for our sins.  Now our great high priest, Christ Jesus, has taken a seat because he finished once and for all the necessary bloodshed.

Believers need to remember the blood everyday the same way the Jews looked upon the blood on the alter everyday.  It is this continual reminder of Christ's finished work that keeps us free from guilt and able to walk in righteousness.

So check out the site and tell us how many sacrifices you would have required under the old covenant.


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  1. Hey Bobby,

    Glad you found the Bulls & Goats Calculator useful! You're doing with it exactly what I hoped it would do -- make us think about the extent of our sin, and just what Christ's blood is covering.

    Some good thoughts on your blog. Keep it up!

    Tom (from crossward.info)


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