Sunday, February 27, 2011

A glimpse of our gathering

Today (Sunday) we met with a group of families we haven't seen in some months.  It was refreshing to be gathered with so many believers in one place again. I love being with the children of God and today was a special treat.  We arrived at 10:30 in front of the house along with another family at the host's house.  Everyone was very happy to see us.  We received a warm welcome of hugs and offers to help carry our numerous belongings and children into the house.  I liken it to an American version of greeting with a holy kiss.  Once inside and unloaded, the children scattered and I started conversing with the man of the house, admiring the handiwork of his new patio.  We were soon joined by the other father who arrived at the same time as my family and I learned how they had been working together to secure a good running vehicle for him at a fair price.  Before long other families arrived and soon all the fathers were gathered on the back patio.  Inside, moms talked homeschooling and children played together.  Outside, dads talked cars, jobs, theology and mission.

When we entered the house and gathered in the living room (and the dining room) I looked around and saw a lot of new faces.  Families that were not there the last few times we were and it was good to meet them.  We sang a few songs together (one brother plays the guitar very well) mingled with prayers and scripture readings.  As our singing ended and all was quiet for a brief moment, a woman burst forth in beautiful praise to our Lord.  Then the Spirit moved in such a way to bring to mind a scripture or a teaching from many members of the body, each passage or word building on the rest.  It was richly edifying.  Multiple members at work building up the rest of the body.  There was no schedule of speakers, no list of scriptures yet there was perfect order and someone was clearly in control and guiding the participation.  The themes of Christ as our high priest, the preciousness and necessity of his blood, the weight of our sin and unworthiness, and his example becoming our call to serve were some themes that were expounded.  All this before we entered into the next passage of scripture that had been predetermined.

It was marvelous to see Christ at work building his Church.  It was glorious to see Christ manifested through the working of his many members under his headship.  Not tossed to and fro by different doctrines but gathered together with one theme and one song:  Praise be to the lamb that was slain and to the victory that is ours because of his love.

How was your Sunday morning gathering?


  1. Sounds fantastic. Wish I was there.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like what my soul is thirsting for.

  3. Thanks for posting this Bobby. I'm so glad that your family came yesterday. It was an edifying time in Christ for us all. Praise the Lord!

  4. Jeremy & Jonathan,

    I'm very thankful to have been a part and I know the Lord is working things out in your lives according to His timing.


    I miss you all when we are not together. Once a week is not enough. I am reminded of that every time I gather with you.


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