Monday, February 14, 2011

Praising my wife at the gates

I tell her all the time that words can't express how I feel.  That doesn't mean I won't try.   I think about my love for my beautiful bride and the best words I can fathom are those written about Christ's love for his.

My love, my reason for being born, I look with joy toward a future of sharing life together.  There is nothing that could take my eyes off you.  Where I am, you are.  Where you are, I am.  We are one, inseparable.

I am determined to have you no matter what.  If you turn from me, I'll follow you.  If you forget about me, I'll still remain near.  If you leave the warmth of my embrace, I'll pursue you.  If you sin against me, I'll forgive you.  Your sins have been covered by the blood there is no longer any guilt or condemnation.  I could be mocked, cursed, spat upon, beaten, hated, neglected, betrayed, and bruised but it would be woth it if it was necessary to have you near me.  I would die for you, lay my own life down for you because you are worth that much to me.

When you see yourself lacking, I see you as full.  When you see flawed, I see perfect.  When you see fallen, I see the righteousness of God.  When you hurt, I hurt.  When you have a burden, I'll carry it for you.  When you weep, I weep.  When you smile, I smile.  When you laugh, I laugh.  When you are happy, I am happy.  Your joy is my joy.  Your pain is my pain.  Your life is my life.

My Father has demonstrated His love for me by giving me you.  Before He laid the foundations of the world you were in my arms.  I am convinced than neither life nor death nor angels nor powers nor things present nor things to come can seperate our love.  No one can take you out of my hand.  You are my beloved and I am yours.

My sister, my love, my bride.
It's a joy to have you by my side.
These are just a few words with which I say:


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  1. I am moved beyond words. I love you. Now and forever.


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