Friday, April 1, 2011

Official name change

Well I've decided on a name change.  In fact I've decided to change my blog focus all together.  There are plenty of blogs that write about Jesus, doctrine, and the church.  Frankly I'm sick of it so I'm hanging up my hat and I'm gonna start blogging about something I know I excel in. Beginning today my blog will be about plumbing.

The new title for my blog is Picky Plumber because that is what I am.  So, henceforth I'll be ranting about some of the sorry plumbing work that I have to fix.  I'll also be writing about how to do plumbing correctly according to my standards.  Most of all I will write about how in order to be a good plumber you have to have a complete change of mind.  Something inside has to change in order to achieve success in this trade of perfection.
So, my apologies to my wife for making you cry and to all of you who read here regularly wanting to know what God is showing me.  I'm putting all that behind me.  No more deconstructing, now I'll be talking about construction.  If you have any plumbing related questions I'll be answering them over the next few posts.


As in a biblical church gathering, my word is not complete or final. Participation is allowed, encouraged and expected. Please, don't leave without adding something.