Saturday, May 7, 2011

Counting down the days

He puts another X on his calender.  Everyday another day closer to the wedding.  Finally, he will get his bride and make her his wife.  All of his work has paid off.  He's chased after the girl of his dreams and now she is within his grasp.  He will finally have his prize and the day can't come soon enough.

He thinks back on days gone by.  He remembers how he chased after her even though she wouldn't give him the time of day.  At first she didn't think she wanted or needed him but as he continued to go after her she began to believe she didn't deserve him.  Still, he pressed on, in his eyes she was perfect and that is all that mattered to him.  Eventually, his undying love for her won out and she fell into his arms.  Overwhelmed by his passionate pursuit of her she fell in love with him.  He recalled the days when that all they did was spend time together and share life.  It was like they couldn't get enough of one another.

It seems so distant today.  As the wedding day approaches he hardly sees his bride or talks with his bride.  She is always out preparing for the big day.  Dresses, caterers, designers, organizers, seating, entertainment, meals, invitations, venue ... all these things have taken his bride away from him.  She is out being busy getting ready for the big day as he sits and longs for her to just be with him.  

If only she would just come to him and stay by his side.  Her father promised to take care of all the details, if she would let him.  Then she would be free to be by his side all the time.  There is nothing he wants more than to be with her right now but she is just too busy.  It's as if she cares more about the glamour of the ceremony and what everyone will think than she does about him.  She says it's all for him but he could care less about all the fuss.  He just wants his girl.

The love and passion was there at one time in history.  Today it seems a distant memory.  Surely, after the wedding she will return to his side, when all is said and done.  So he marks off the days till then, longing for her company today but still content to wait for her to return, just as he waited in the beginning.  "It's gonna be sweet" he tells himself.  He can almost taste her sweetness now.


  1. This is very anointed and touching. Jesus waits so patiently for us. Thanks Bobby.

  2. Lisa,

    yes He does! As we are resting in Him we begin to see His patience working in us as well even as our desire grows for others to see. It's quite an amazing paradox.


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