Thursday, May 26, 2011

The necessity of suffering

Suffering is a necessity for a Christian. Don't believe the hype from the ones who offer you your best life now. Their big cheezy grins and loaded Benz parked outside their multi million dollar home on the beach are quite tempting. Yeah it's big and flashy but it's built on sand. One day the stuff is gonna burn and the comfy life we have gained through the pursuit of fleeting pleasures will be shaken. Then what?
Michael Young has written a post on Jesus in the midst of suffering . Reading it will definitely build your faith in the hard times. Here's a piece:
But during these times we must remember (especially me), that this is just another aspect of Christ. Just another stone along the road that leads to Him, is Him, and is by Him. The fulness of God isn’t just happiness and joy and peaceful days. Remember, that Jesus wept, Jesus suffered, Jesus had some hard days while on earth, and when we are going through tough times, that He is too, because He lives inside of us and feels everything that we feel.

Our suffering is a gift from God.  We count it all joy like James tells us because we know that God is making us stronger.  He is changing us into His image and that means we will be strong, steadfast and faithful no matter what comes our way.  He is conforming us more and more into Christ.  Like the trees of Lebanon, like the mountain called Zion, like the house built on the rock we will stand firm.  When all else is shaken, we will not be moved.  When all is put through the fire we will not be consumed.
More suffering means more of Christ.  Embrace Him.  Yearn for Him.  Abide in Him. Walk in Him.  Everything will pass away but we will endure it all for the glory of Christ in us.

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