Monday, May 16, 2011

Shout out to my peeps

Before I continue with my series I want to take some time to recognize you, my readers. Lately I've noticed the pageviews on my blog going north. I don't know who is among those new readers and how many have been subjected to my musings for some time but I want you to know, I appreciate you all for stopping by and being interested and especially for your responses and interaction. Thank you.

Since I have reason to believe there are several new readers, I thought I would let you all know a little more about why I started this blog. I began to write for a few of the following reasons:

1. To share our journey of faith as we follow our convictions in order to encourage, build up and maybe challenge others.

2. To capture some of the mediations that flow through my mind everyday so I have something to look back on and so you have somewhere to come back to if my writing has had any impact on you.

3. To get feedback on what I write so that I have some accountability against bad ideas and can have my good ideas built on by others.

4. I love to write and I'm hoping to build my writing skills through this medium. Maybe I'll do something greater than blog with my thoughts and writing one day.

That's a basic sum of why I started. I have been blogging now for about 8 months and it's been fun. I love the interaction I get here in the comments and the spill-over conversation on other blogs. Special thanks to Alan, Arthur, and Eric for linking to my posts and bringing your readers into Neverland. I would also like to thank Tim, Lisa, Jon and Shane for leaving comments. If I didn't mention you and you're sharing or responding to my blog on your own it's because I'm unaware of it, not because I don't appreciate it. Please let me know so I can give you a shout out as well.

I've also noticed that a lot of folks are beginning to come here from twitter and interact over there as well so if you're not on twitter, you're missing out. There are many great bloggers that provide short bursts of uplifting, challenging, and provocative material crammed into 140 characters or less on a daily basis. It's also a nice place to cut loose and have some fun.

I can't have a post like this without mentioning my faithful readers from Facebook. I get more traffic from facebook than from anywhere else. I don't know who you are because most of you don't comment or get involved but I love you just the same. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

If you like or dislike a post here, please let me know. A simple statement like "good thoughts" or "you're an idiot" would suffice. Comments are what bloggers write for and for many of us it is our only compensation for writing. Please don't leave the table without leaving a tip. Short comments let us know we're appreciated, thoughtful comments are even better and are what bloggers blog for.

If you read my blog regularly and have a blog of your own, please leave a comment and share your blog address with everyone. I'm sure many of my readers would hop on over and check out what your up to. There are a lot of great blogs out there and the best way I know to help you get your name out there is to invite you to plug it here.

Don't be shy, jump in, the water's fine.


  1. Hey Bobby,

    Just stopped in to say "Hi" and to encourage you. I've appreciated following you on Twitter lately. You're right in saying that those who aren't on Twitter are missing out. It's been great. Keep up the good work.

    Thanks and God bless,

  2. Will,

    you are one of the many folks I am glad to have "met" through Twitter. Thanks for the encouragement. There are some who feel all alone without "e-fellowship" among likeminded folks.

  3. You are welcome! I have enjoyed getting to "know" you through Twitter and your blog. Keep it up!


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