Saturday, December 11, 2010

Grace + Christ = The Result

Result is a local gospel rap artist.  His music appeals to me because our testimonies are somewhat similar.  So to hear him rap resonates with me on many different levels; who I was, who I am, and who I hope to become.  One of my favorite songs of his is titled "Show Me".  In the song he expresses our need to see God for who he is and then He reveals who God is by pointing to Christ in every book of the Old Testament.The lyrics are written below. I recommend that you stream the tune while you read the lyrics. Enjoy!  (By the way by clicking on the song title above you will be taken to a Myspace page where you can stream the song.  By clicking on Result you can read his page to find out more about him, read his testimony, or buy his music)

{first hook}
Show me show me your grace
Show me show me your love
Show me show me your face
cuz you're the only one that knows me

Show me show me my filth
Show me show me my self
Show me show me my guilt
cuz you're the only one that knows me

Show me show me you care
Show me show me your mercy
Show me show me you're there
cuz you're the only one that knows me

Show me show me I'm dark
Show me show me my sin
Show me show me my heart
cuz you're the only one that knows me

{verse one}
Show me show me your grace
grace you provide me to build
build me a spiritual place
place me inside of your will
will you abandon me now?
now when I need you the most
most of my prayers hit ground
ground me to seek you in hope
hope you can use me to serve
serve me a plate of your bread
bred in my nature to swerve
swerve in the lane of the dead
dead in the sin that we fear
fear when you show me your weight
wait your servant is here
here and you show me your face
face me time on the watch
watch me and lead me to truth
truth in my innermost thoughts
thoughts of me being with you
you are infallibly wise
why is it so hard to know?
No! I know I can't hide
hiding my hardness I go
go before me and talk
talk is cheap and I'm broke
broke apart when you call
call me to speak and I choke
choke my sin with your hands
hand me Jesus' clothes
clothed to roam in this land
land your seed in my soul.

{repeat first hook}

(spoken) look I know we all feel that way sometimes. Just crying out to God begging for Him to show you. God show me who you are, show me what you want from me. You are just crying out to God praying for him to show you, show you who he is. I used to be that way myself man. But you know what?  He did show me.  I asked him and he did show me.  In Hebrews 1:1 it says that in many times and in many ways God has spoke to our forefathers in the prophets but in these last days he has spoken to us through his son, Jesus Christ...who is the Word.  So hopefully, as he has shown me, I can show you who he is.

{second hook}
I can see him in hope
I can see him in faith
I can see him in grace
the word of God is where he showed me

I can see him in mercy
I can see him in love
when I'm seeking his face
the word of God is where he showed me

{second verse}
Lord show me the images of you in Genesis
you are the seed that crushed the head of the nemesis
in Exodus with Moses, you are the staff in his hand
the blood on the doorpost, yeah the passover lamb.
high priest in Leviticus, the Nazarite in Numbers.
In Deuteronomy the righteous law I was under. 

IN Joshua you're the trumpets sound of judgement
and you are the angel of the Lord found in Judges
In Ruth you are Boaz, sent to redeem
In Samuel David prefigured you as the king
In Kings you are the prophet:  Elijah and Elisha
the temple builder in Chronicles, Ezra and Nehemiah.
Deliverance in Ester, suffering and glory of Job
The sympathy in Psalms and the wisdom that Proverbs showed.
The true satisfaction Ecclesiastes implied
The perfect love in the Song of Solomon, we the bride.
Restoration in Isaiah the warning in Jeremiah
Lamentations sorrow your people reject you as Messiah
Ezekiel exposes your future empire
In Daniel you are the fourth man in the fire.
The husband in Hosea
The  judgement of Joel, Amos, and Obidiah for the one who disobey you, Oh
and you're the gentile salvation in Jonah
the shepherd in Micah.  The fire in Nahum,
you're shown to be the righteous one in Habakkuk
The wrath of Zephaniah
Haggai's promise, the path of Zechariah, yeah
In Malachi you're the refining fire
All things point to you when I inquire.
You showed us who you are before you even came 
and let the world hear the sound of your coming before they seen the train.
You planted me in soil of truth to grow in.
You showed me, hopefully I just showed them.

{repeat second hook}

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