Friday, December 10, 2010

still wandering...

I have previously written about what God has been doing in our lives as we have gone out of organised religion and been moving toward an organic assembly of believers. Today I would like to share what we are continuing to go through as we wander in this wilderness.

In months past we were meeting with a few families in a home about twenty minutes from our own. It was a time of learning and refreshment as we gathered with them and saw first hand that our unity and fellowship is in Jesus Christ and not in confessions, creeds, denominations or our favorite preacher. Our meetings consisted of times of mutual edification and also a meal. All activities were centered on knowing, adoring, and becoming like Christ.  It has been great to see Christ work through the various members of his body without constraint and still with decent order.

In recent weeks my wifey and I have become burdened over the families in our own community that profess faith in Christ yet have nowhere in which they are comfortable to gather with other believers. We know that God is calling and using us to bring our neighbors to a fuller knowledge and a closer walk with himself. What we don't know is if it is his desire for us to continue trying to gather in our own home or if we should gather with other established assemblies across town.

We hope that you would join us in prayer for discernment and patience as we seek the Lords will in our decisions. It is tough walking in what seems to be a wilderness but it is building our faith in ways we never before considered. I thank God for the road we are on and I look forward to being a part of bringing about his eternal purpose and the advance of his kingdom through obedience to the gospel.  Still yet it is hard for me to fight against my own frustrations and impatience when I see in scripture how beautiful the church is as she gathers with Christ as her only head.  Oh, how I long to reach the promised land, but I want it now and God obviously wants to test my faith first.


  1. I know where you are coming from Bobby, it can be hard to know what it looks like without the comfortable church traditions that are all are so familiar with.

  2. Thanks Arthur. I don't feel so alone when others testify to having gone through similar struggles. You give me hope.

  3. "...should gather with other established assemblies across town..."

    That sounds a lot like... (cue horror music)... organized religion...

  4. Actually c, I was referring to other gatherings where believers are gathered to edify one another. There is organization but it is according to NT descriptions of the church and the traditions handed down by the apostles. The gracious reply above is based on an assumption that you were commenting to add something edifying to the conversation. Yet the "horror music" gives me the impression that you were just being contentious. If you intend to be contentious in your comments, my future replies to you will not make you a very happy camper. But if you would like to build one another up, I look forward to future challenging dialogue with you.


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