Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Poetic musings on arguing differences

The trouble with convictions is that they tend to change
and then you gravitate away from those who stay the same.

"The Bible says, so I believe" is how we all begin
Yet difference given prominence displays the sin within.

Why do you boast in what you've been given?  the bold apostle asks
But we forget his grace and then proceed with a list of tasks.

We run about with arguments that have been mixed with leaven
But how can we expect to convince with words when the power comes only from heaven?

Oh boastful man with scripture in hand, you think you are so wise.
You strain out a gnat and swallow a camel with a log sticking out of your eye.

Lord, pull out that log and throw it in the fire that burns away our flesh
and help us to know that you're in control so we can be at rest.

So when you find a priceless truth you want the world to see
The most effective way to share is down upon your knees.

Have faith in God, He'll do the work, He's faithful, just, and true
He'll train up every child of his the way He's training you.

He will invite us in to join, to plant, to water, to grow
But if you speak before listening, His will you'll never know.

So close your books and seek his face and stay there till you see
The perfect servant crucified:  now prophet, priest, and King.


As in a biblical church gathering, my word is not complete or final. Participation is allowed, encouraged and expected. Please, don't leave without adding something.