Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Still holding on

It was a breezy summer day. The perfect day to visit the local theme park. Yet this predicament was far from perfect. The flashing lights below were almost as blinding as the sun above. "LET GO! LET GO!" came the cries from beneath him. "I can't let go" he told himself.

Dangling over the net that the fireman have stretched out for him he continues to try to find another escape.  The danger is real and he knows it.  Every second bringing him closer to his end.  He watched as many took the jump to safety yet he remains afraid and dependent on his own strength.  He has come so far on his own.  He was so sure he could do it.  Now he sees that all his efforts were vain.

Still, he hangs, unable to let go, unable to trust, unable to follow after those already safe.
As the sun moves across the sky everyone watching him wonders which will come first:  will his life be ended by the coming disaster or will his strength finally fail and he fall into the arms of his rescuers beneath?

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  1. Thanks for this touching and inspiring little story. I can relate to the feelings of fear, independence, and control. Yet the Christ life is faith, dependence and trust...and the bonus is joy. :)


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