Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Put away the cookie cutter

Make disciples, that's our business.  Not only that but we are sent to make disciples of all people groups.  Yet, we gravitate toward others who are likeminded and when God changes a persons heart we strive to make them just like us.  We want them to dress like we dress, talk like we talk, read what we read, and have the same set of doctrinal beliefs.  Is that discipleship?  Really, I'm asking.  I know a disciple is a student and I get that disciples followed their rabbi around everywhere he went so it would make sense that the students would begin to look like their teacher.  But really, who is the rabbi?  Is it the local pastor, or our flavor of denomination, or perhaps the superstar conference speakers?  Maybe it's John Calvin, Charles Spurgeon, Wesley, Luther or D L Moody.

I must be in somekind of utopian dream to think that the rabbi...the only rabbi is Jesus Christ.  With Christ as our teacher we look different, talk different, and have different emphases because we come from different people groups.  This makes sense to me.  Too simplistic?  Exactly!

Instead of always talking doctrine (which I think is a good thing and love to talk about it) and trying to convince others to believe what we believe lets encourage one another to seek Christ daily.  When I say seek Christ I'm not talking about some intellectual mulling over in your mind of choice doctrines.  I'm talking about enjoying his presence, listening to his voice, asking him questions and sitting at his feet.

I hope that this cookie cutter Christianity is reaching it's end.  I don't want to be a part of a gathering of Calvin clones.  I want to be with believers that are following Christ and are content with where they are and what they know because Christ is.  I want to be in fellowship with brothers that seek him daily, hear his voice, and live through the divine life he gives.  Folks like that don't fit in, they rock the boat, and are disliked for it.  I guess what I want to be a part of are a bunch of outcasts.  Not just another face in the crowd.


  1. Good thoughts. I used to love getting together with other Calvinists to talk about Calvinism but I have learned so much more by interacting with the rest of the church. While I still hold to the doctrines of grace and other strongly held positions, I am trying to get away from being an evangelist for Calvinism and becoming a disciple maker for Christ.

  2. Wow. Great thoughts. Unity in Christ is not becoming clones. That is what makes a cult. We should value each persons' distinct portion of Christ that comes from how God made them. Absolute conformity is boring. Diversity is beautiful and reflects and reveals the many sides of Christ.

    In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, charity. -St. Augustine

  3. Mark: That's not an Augustine quote. It's not even Augustinian in thought.

  4. Arthur,

    there is still something special that rises up in me when I hear and discuss the DOC's. Of course I am also intrigued and challenged by the manifestations of the Spirit, the struggles to work out our salvation and the ongoing war with sin and Satan. The bigger my ears and influences, the more of Christ I see.

  5. Mark,

    thanks for commenting, I appreciate your input. You echo my heart with your words.

  6. Josh,

    I've heard that quote alot frequently. Who was it if not Augustine? Whether it's Augustinian or not, it's spot on and worthy of repeating again and again.

  7. Shane,

    thanks for the encouragement, bro


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